The Best Bio-Magnets for Pain Relief

"I can't believe it but they work!"

I know what you are probably thinking: these biomagnets don't look dressy or sexy like the magnetic bracelets, necklaces wraps or braces you see advertised elsewhere. We understand if you feel that way, but we are not a fashion design establishment. Many of those fancy  type of magnetic devices are not designed to supply the correct energy to assist the body’s healing to resolve the cause of the pain or health condition. They may temporarily mask a condition, but in many instances they have been measured to put out the wrong energy that supports free-radicals and inflammation which is ultimately bad for the body. So although they looked great and we could most likely sell more of them, we decided not to carry them. is dedicated to finding the "best in its class products", and that is what you are looking at, the very best biomagnets in the world.


Learn more about biomagnetism from the book

Conquering PAIN
The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism
by Peter Kulish


What makes our biomagnets the best?
That is kind of a secret. In fact it is the very reason the magnets on the individuals above are all in black instead of red/green. We have spoken to several biomagnet companies and none of them truly have an appreciation for the bodies meridian and the proper balance of positive/negative energy that can be safely directed toward the body. For many of them this was just not an issue, and we found that to be troubling. When you buy anyone of our biomagnets you are tapping into a wealth of experience and know how spanning 30 years in biomagnetic therapy. You will not only have the most powerful biomagnets, you will learn how to place them with expert precision to obtain maximum benefit in a manner that is the safest way to use.  


You will know them by their fruits:
As you might expect there are several incredible testimonials of people using our biomagnets with remarkable results. Some avoided carpal tunnel surgery, stop tooth ache, resolved chronic back pain, regenerated nerves, joints and connective tissue to resume normal walking, and even waking someone out of a terminal coma. No they have not brought anybody back to life, yet! Please understand these reports are not product claims, they are user testimonials. Read our disclaimer which applies to everything we carry. You can choose to believe or not believe these testimonials, but if you have pain and are downing pills to relieve your pain what do you have to loose if you try our biomagnets instead? Whether you want to acknowledge it or not the pills you are taking may harm you eventually if that's all you are doing to relieve your pain. When you think about it using these powerful magnets to force blood flow to the area of pain so it can be nourished with nutrients, your own supply of adult stem cells, and harness all the natural healing mechanisms of the body, represent a much better approach to relieve pain or any other condition. What do you think?  


Biomagnetism: A Better Pain Relief Alternative:
Biomagnetism is an alternative health, supplemental energy stimulation system that uses health magnets to properly amplify the body’s energy pathways to correctly elevate the cell’s vitality to help overcome conditions such severe pain such as arthritis pain, relief of back pain and lower back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and aches, headaches, tendonitis and most conditions without the use of pain relief drugs. In our humble opinion (which is not a medically qualified opinion) biomagnetism is a logical, common sense and effective pain relief remedy for people who dread the thought of pumping drugs into their body. Biomagnetism pulls the natural healing mechanism of the body to the site of pain where they do their natural wonders. Of course it goes without saying that each person must listen to their own body and make a determination as to whether you should seek professional assistance to see if the source of your pain may be more than just a strain here or there. A persistent head ache for instance could be as a result of a tumor growing in the brain.  

As you read the information on this site about biomagnets you will quickly realize that this is no joke! This is the real deal. Read all the links at the bottom of this page and learn how the our properly designed health magnets give the body the energy to help relieve pain of over 170 specific conditions ranging from arthritis, back pain, headaches to MS, worn out joints, chronic and acute conditions. The documented research will explain why these extremely ill people suffering from severe back pain, arthritis, advanced disease and health conditions, suddenly achieved quick pain relief and resolved their conditions with the use of BiomagScience health magnets and advanced energy therapy protocols.

Target pain with the right sized magnet:
Our specialized health magnet kits use various sized, extremely powerful, rare-earth Monopolar focused health magnets. These powerful Monopolar health magnets have been designed in various sizes to accommodate the particular energy value required at every depth of hard or soft tissue penetration to assist the body in healing and proper pain relief therapy. Folks if a friend, relative or doctor suggest that you get some magnets, one of our magnet kits will fit your need. Off course you can stop all the guess work and get the Complete Wellness Kit which has everything. Your friends with pain will be glad you did.

Health magnet therapies and protocols for pain relief have been designed to accommodate from topical and light tissue penetration to mid-depth penetration such as joint, connective tissue or nerve regeneration to extremely deep tissue penetration required to energize large organs to help overcome chronic disease and severe pain relief to advanced circuit therapy for regeneration of nerves, joints, bones, deep tissue, organs glands and the complete systemic energizing required to vitalize and balance the entire bio-chemistry.

The advanced therapy health magnets placement kits have been developed to accommodate whatever health issue, condition or severe pain relief that needs to be addressed. The advanced energy, circuit protocols such as the Meridian Energizing Therapy and the Organ Group Energizing Therapy help re-vitalize and re-balance the body’s chemistry so well they have actually helped one person wake up from a terminating coma.

Using Advanced Circuit Therapies, many individuals have achieved miracle-like healings and pain relief. A few examples: the long term 25 year term fibro/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) started resolving within 40 minutes with lower CVS therapy; a very ill 74-year-old Businessman able to resume a healthy life; or the woman who was awoken from a terminal coma; etc. Lets us make it absolutely clear, we are in no way saying that this will be your experience. Further, we are not aware that the FDA has approved biomagnets for treating anything, so if you are looking for a FDA approved pain remedy, keep going to your neighborhood pharmacy.

Biomagnet application is important:
Did you know that one side of the arm or leg has a different polarity meridian than the other? Do you know how important that is when applying Biomagnets? Using a health magnet on the wrong meridian has shown to help a little, but using a properly designed health magnet on the correct meridian can give fast pain relief and help the body heal extremely fast. We found it rather strange that many biomagnet companies don't even factor these things in. They don't have the years of experience and research that has gone into the making of our biomagnets.

The book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with BioMagnetism” is the first complete health magnet therapy guide for pain relief that has all the diagrams and information to explain the advanced polarity applications and protocols of the body. It indexes step by step protocols for basic and advanced therapies for over 170 A-Z simple, acute and chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain, lower back pain, joint pain, headaches, tendonitis, broken bones, etc., along with chapters on the importance of magnetized water and how to defend against electronic smog and other alternative issues of modern health.

The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

BioMagnetism FAQ | Which Side of a BioMagnet to Use? | Science of Magnets for Health

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